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Chapter 8 – Stylish Seattle

How stylish is Seattle? Not very, according to many newcomers. They’ve said that Seattle is behind the times – not just a season or two – but years behind.  A New York Times fashion writer once skewered the Rainy City, describing Seattle as “a Prada-free zone.”

For years, outsiders have kidded about the time difference between the two coasts.  The question they asked was: “What time is it in Seattle when it’s 9:30 in New York?” The answer: “It’s 1939.”  They’ve said that, when the world ends, Seattle will have an additional six more weeks.

Certainly it’s no secret that some of the most up-to-the-minute fashions from Paris and the East Coast seldom, if ever, reach the shores of Puget Sound. This, of … Continue Reading »

Seattle Originals

Seattle functions best as a graveyard for fictional characters. Whenever an author grows tired of a character, a standard phrase appears in the novel: “He (or she) moved to Seattle.”

Nine times out of ten, that character is never heard from again. Being sent to Seattle amounts to a literary mercy killing.

Funny thing is this fictional plot twist is merely art imitating life. Seattle has always been a place that has drawn unconventional and sometimes difficult personalities. But there’s no need to send fictional characters to this city when the place is so full of home-grown, one-of-a-kind Seattle originals.

From the first, Seattle has appealed to go-for-broke eccentrics, people who didn’t quite fit the standard mold, men and women who listened to a different inner music. Oddballs thrived where play-it-safe personalities failed. … Continue Reading »