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Good news – Route 76 will get more runs this fall!

As commuters riding route 76 already know, the buses have experienced chronic over-crowding for months – often times leaving commuters waiting during the peak times.  To help ease overcrowding, voters last year passed a levy to help cover the cost of increased bus service.  Sadly, Metro says that their Service Guidelines report omitted Rt. 76 in the initial round of service increases despite having met all of the criteria required for additional servicbus2e.

This oversight was brought to my attention by astute (and long-suffering) Rt. 76 riders.

When I asked council staff and the Seattle Department of Transportation to look into the matter, they concluded that – based on field observations and on trip ridership data from Metro – Rt. 76 deserved more trips.  And that’s just what SDOT plans to do.  Additional bus trips during both the morning and evening commute will be added on top of other already planned investments that will help address chronic schedule reliability problems.  While the oversight was not discovered in time to take effect in May, I will continue to push for additional trips to be added this fall.

I do want to thank all of my constituents who voiced their concerns and to SDOT for recognizing Route 76 as a vital transportation component for Northeast Seattle commuters.

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  1. Jim Arrowsmith
    Posted April 17, 2015 at 9:08 pm | Permalink

    All well and good for Rt 76, but we have a lot of midday and evening riders. Last year Metro was about to cut a lot of bus service, but we rallied and voted to save our buses and make things better. Imagine my surprise when, late last month, I happened to explore Metro’s plans and found they are deep into a process to do what they’d planned last year – eliminate route 71. We folks in the Wedgwood and View Ridge neighborhoods will face a huge hole in all-day service. We’ll have to walk further to catch an all day bus, then face a transfer walk of another quarter mile thru the Montlake triangle to access the new stadium station. Their “public process” isn’t fairly warning riders about what is at stake!

  2. Jim Arrowsmith
    Posted May 26, 2015 at 8:25 am | Permalink

    Update: In the middle of this month (May) Metro posted their final plans for Rt 71: cancellation (and Rts 43, 72, etc.). NE 65th is to get revised route 16, going to downtown via Fremont. North of 65th they plan an hourly dial-a-ride route 941 that would operate hourly, only during weekday daytime hours! Overall, most of NE Seattle loses it direct connections to the University District, with the whole new focus being to get people to downtown Seattle via an inconvenient transfer to Link at Husky stadium. I believe it is a major mistake to change so much service to focus on the stadium area instead of waiting for Link to be extended into the U District. How do our District 4 candidates view this situation?

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